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Saved From The Streets By Skateboarding!

Lifestyle, Travel

  Hello 2018 and hello there my beautiful people! 😀 I hope that you’ve started out 2018 with good vibes and a renewed sense of hope! 🙂 I recently got to spend time with some of the most inspiring kids on this side of the Sahara! Skateboarding has utterly changed their lives… So, if you are not feeling optimistic about 2018 yet, then this post might just turn it around for you. Do stick around. 😉  …

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4 Things I Wish Kenyan Hoteliers Knew!

Travel, Travel Tips
Kenyan Hoteliers

  Have you ever walked into a hotel, and felt like asking for your money back, before you even checked in? Sounds a bit dramatic right? 😀 Drama aside, whenever you travel, it is only logical to expect good value for your money, yes? 🙂…

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The Team Tri Fit Kericho Triathlon!

Kericho Triathlon

  Hello there happy people! 😀 Have you ever experienced something so amazing, it seemed surreal? Looking back, our time in Kericho felt dreamlike, and the Team Tri Fit Kericho Triathlon was the climax of it all! 😀  …

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A Taste Of Kericho: Sunshine Hotel -UpperHill

Reviews, Travel
Sunshine Hotel

  Happy New Month my amazing friends! 😀 Whoa, can you believe it’s October already?! September was a bit of a whirlwind, so I hope you are refreshed & ready for us to take on October with gusto!? 😀 If you are not feeling it yet, not to worry! Take a deep breath & smile as we explore more of Kericho! 🙂…

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The Colours Of Kericho! #ThisIsMyKenya


Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure~ Anonymous.   Hello there beautiful people! 😀 I am thrilled to introduce a new series: #ThisIsMyKenya on Scrapbook Journeys! On this series we”ll celebrate and showcase our creativity, heritage diversity, culture… and everything absolutely Kenyan! 😀…

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My First Zip Lining Experience & How It Nearly Went Wrong!


    Everything you want is on the other side of fear ~ Jack Canfield   Hello my amazing friends! 😀 What’s the most terrifying thing you’ve done this year…? For me-it is hands down, Zip Lining! Any other scary thing I’ve ever done before this, now pales in comparison… 😀…

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