Masai Eco Lodge: the Perfect Budget Getaway!


Are you dying for a getaway, but running low on finances? Worry Not! Masai Eco Lodge is the perfect place for an ‘out of town’ trip when you are on a tight budget…

On the Road to Masai Eco Lodge

Some time ago, my friends and I spontaneously set off on a road trip… We found ourselves on the smooth and scenic Nairobi-Arusha highway, where I was tempted to stop and snap at everything. It had been raining a few days before, making the scenery lush and green. When we came upon this beautiful natural flower field, we simply had to stop!


The bed of white wild flowers stretched before us, miles upon miles…creating the most breathtaking landscape.


My friend Glorious and I could not resist playing in the field of flowers, while Theo and Oliver got a good laugh…



I am not certain if these flowers can be found all year round, but it is worth a stop. I liked the fact that it was a deserted place, and we had the honor of being the only ‘local tourists’ around.

Masai Eco Lodge

I did not realize that we had driven 100kms from Nairobi, when our road-trip abruptly ended at Masai Eco lodge.



Situated 18Kms away from Kajiado Town, Masai Eco Lodge is a modest, quaint lodge with great promise. It has been in place since 2008, and sits on a 123 acres’ organic farm. It is close enough to the road that you can’t get lost, yet tucked away into the bush that you will feel like you are ‘in the wild’.

Their grounds are well-maintained with landscaped yards, a swimming pool and a welcoming playground.



The blend of red and blues at the playground made me feel young and playful! 😀 We found another group present in the lodge, and it took all I had not to take pictures of strangers. Their presence at the garden and playground gave it a ‘charming finish’.



We ordered lunch, and took our time looking around as it was getting ready. I was a bit disappointed to find out that they had no Nyama Choma at the time… after all, the one thing you expect at any ‘Maasai’ place is very good Nyama Choma…no? 😀

The food was nice, although they have great room for improvement on portions and variety. The meals range from 400Kshs to 1,200Kshs.

We liked their service and the great measures they took, to ensure we were comfortable.

The Facilities

Masai Eco Lodge has a 7  cottages that you can choose from. They each have three en-suite bedrooms, a small lounge and kitchenette.



The cottages are modestly cozy and spacious, with a nice Maasai theme.  I especially liked the wooden headboards on the bed, that looked as if they were carved right out of a tree!



The price ranges from 3,000Kshs to 8,000Kshs per cottage, depending on the kind of stay you prefer. Shared among 4 to 6 people, this is very affordable.

They are currently putting up Manyattas or ‘Modern Maasai’ igloo huts… We discovered them while taking a leisurely walk around the farm.



The lodge has conference facilities that can hold between 50 to 150 people in their conference room, and multi-purpose hall respectively.

They also have a newly furbished board room, with modern features.



Fun Things to Do at Masai Eco Lodge

Our sense of adventure would not be quenched until we actively participated in all the offerings at the lodge!

Our first stop was the team building playground, where we had our own versions of fun on the obstacle course.



Partaking the obstacle course in large groups of all kinds- from friends, families to work colleagues would certainly get that team spirit going!







We could barely wait to get on the quad bikes! Our turn eventually came, after the other group was done. They have a limited number of functional quad bikes, so it is wise to book them as soon as you arrive.



The adrenaline rush you get from riding quad bikes on a rough terrain, surrounded by nothing but wild bushes and pure nature is unmatched!


We’d have loved to keep going, but well…nothing lasts forever. 😀 It was tempting to take the quad bikes for extra rounds…but the other group was waiting to take over, for a second round. It is an addictive sport-obviously! 😀 😀

They also have camping grounds, and usually organize a bonfire for overnight guests, on request.

Activities’ Rates in Kenya Shillings

Quad Bikes-250.00 (per course round)

Bicycles-150.00 (half an hour)

Camping Fee- 1,000.00

Tent Hire- 1,000.00

Swimming- 300.00

Children aged 6-12, pay 75% of the adult charges.

I enjoyed being out of the ‘normal circumstances of life’, watching all of us let go, young and laughing our hearts out loud!

We had a perfect end to our day, with an evening stroll as the sun was setting. The place is quiet and serene and it was lovely to take it all in.

Travel Tip>> Call +254 700 900 603 for more information on visiting Masai Eco Lodge.


At times you want to go to an inexpensive, secluded place, to experience nature and rejuvenate- Masai lodge is a perfect fit.

This Masai lodge experience was like a drop of water in the desert, and the perfect culmination to our road-trip. 😀


Do you have your own budget getaway place? Share with me on the comments’ section below. 😀

Stay Inspired>Always. 😀


Masai Eco Lodge




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My Take

The obstacle course is one of the most interesting features, and would be great for large groups.
The cottages could do with a bit or renovations, particularly the flow of water in the showers and drainage.
They could improve on food portions, and increase the variety available.
Masai Eco Lodge is in a serene location, that would make the perfect destination for people wanting to get away.

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    Awesome!!!! The place is beautiful arrayed with all sorts of vegetation and flowers. My love for travel and cooking, would make me an ideal partner in your explorations Marion. I once traveled through that route all the way to Arusha. There are wonderful scenic sites covering the pristine hilly semi arid.Good Job!

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      Hahaha you should certainly suggest a good Kenyan recipe 😀 Thanks for reading, glad you like the place-I hope you get to visit soon 😀

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    Lovely place and very ideal for team building

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    Lovely place. Very ideal for team building. Thank you for bringing it out

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    Thank you so much Marion,

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    By the way the pictures are sublime..

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    This is amazing. The place looks awesome and the photos are wow! I must plan and visit the place.

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    Nesh Kanja
    July 23, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Amazing amazing, passed this get away on my trips to TZ (TiZii) and never got in to explore it. Thanks for sharing this Saturday’s now it will be a plan to visit it now. Loved the write up as well as the pics. All summed it up beautifully. Looking forward to the next getaway.

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      Glorious! It was lovely experiencing this place with you and the guys! Thanks for reading! #Explore

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    I like. Your inspiring me to go everywhere

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    That pic of you sitting on a tyre looks like a scene from “wrecking ball” by Miley Cyrus I love the write up. An experience worth trying.

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    Nice!……..That play ground is really appealing.The excitement on Marion and Glorious while playing in the flowers shows how much u seemed to enjoy them.Lastly,deuces!!!! to Marion for such an inspiring blog,your going places darling and God bless you

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