The Enchanted, Grogan’s Castle on a Hill


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Castle’? Does it conjure up fine images of ancient, majestic buildings? Are you taken back in time to strong men, armored in suits of chivalry, and finely dressed, delicate ladies?


Well, join me on an enchanting journey to our very own unique, Kenyan castle Grogan’s Castle Hotel 😉

I stumbled upon Grogan’s Castle by chance on Instagram. I remember thinking to myself-“no way this place is in Kenya!” Thrilled, I quickly tagged Wanjiku Thuo in the picture, saying ‘Must-visit’!



At the time, it felt like a pipe dream…. But, as fate would have it, an opportunity later presented itself for us to visit, and we were more than happy to oblige! 😀


A Memorable Visit to Grogan’s Castle

On the day of our journey, we were like two little children going on a long-awaited school trip! We felt giddy with excitement, so much that everything on the road to Grogan’s Castle felt magical. And that road was looong…..

Whoa! After about 8 hours on the road, and with all of ‘civilization’ behind us, we arrived at the Castle.



Grogan’s Castle is situated in Taveta County, about 450Km from Nairobi, via Voi town, and 280Km from Mombasa. It is quite close to the Tanzanian border, in Taveta, being 130Km from Arusha.

We were tired, very dusty and hungry, not having had a solid meal all day. Yet, the view that greeted us was enough to take all those complaints away!

There stood Grogan’s Castle, majestically on a solitary hill…




True African Hospitality

We were received by Priscah, the hostess. This was a different kind of welcome; befitting an old-age castle. 😀 It felt more like going back home, to your doting mum, after months of being away, and less like a hotel reception. 😀 She, dressed in a white vest and printed skirt, with slippers on her feet, welcomed us with a big smile on her face. It was warm and authentic. 🙂

Right then, I knew this was going to be a different kind of experience!

We dined in Grogan’s dining room, which has massive windows that afford you the most breath-taking views!



The furniture is aged, with an English-decor feel to it.


Fresh, Home-Cooked Meals

We were treated to a lovely, home-cooked meal that tasted heavenly. Their menu comprises of home-made meals, with seasonal produce, fresh from their farm.



Grogan’s Room

When we were shown to our room, my heart sang with joy! Grogan’s Room is exquisite, with an ancient feel to it. The bed was tempting, while the bathtub looked too vintage to bathe in, and much better to look at… 😀 Luckily, there was a bathroom with a shower.





The castle has 6 deluxe, en-suite rooms, in total, plus a 2 bedroom self-catering cottage on the side.



From the hill’s vantage point you get to catch glimpses of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the surrounding Taveta County… These views from the Castle are beautiful and calming.



I was tempted to spend all my time staring out of the windows, into the beauty of oblivion.



The only downside is the limited electricity, or lack thereof…  Apparently this is from a political issue, as other homes in the area are powered… I found that to be quite unfortunate.. They do have a generator, which is switched on and off in the evenings and mornings. Hopefully they’ll consider solar power, as the sun in those parts is enough to power a small village. 😀

This however, did not dim our time at Grogan’s castle, if anything it was more charming. 🙂 With limited power and mobile service-provider network, we had more time to enjoy our abode. 🙂 We could unplug from the world, and plug into the beauty around us.





It felt awfully quiet on our first night, being the only guests there. Moreover, they have not included any TV sets in the hotel… 😀 But, we quickly adapted to the quietness, melting into its wide, relaxing arms…



Grogan’s Castle’s Unique Architecture

The architecture is one of a kind… You will fall in love with the circular and semi-circular archways… Plus the high ceilings and massive windows give off a nice feeling of space.





Fun Facts About Grogan’s Castle:

  • Grogan’s Castle was originally built by Col. Ewart Scott Grogan in the mid 1930’s.  He was a British settler, businessman and explorer.
  • Grogan initially intended for the castle to operate as an Agricultural College.
  • In 1959, Grogan sold Taveta to the Criticos family, hence the Castle fell into their ownership along with the rest of the land
  • Col. Grogan later passed away in 1967
  • One of his other accomplishments include putting up the ‘Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital,’ in memory of his wife Mrs. Gertrude Grogan.
  • Basil Criticos started renovations on the Castle in 2008, into a tourist attraction. (Based on our last visit, the renovations were still underway in the upper floors)
  • If you are not a fan of road trips, there is an airstrip for private planes 😛



I am honored and grateful to have had the chance to visit Grogan’s Castle Hotel. It further convinced me of how amazing our country is…

If you are looking to unwind in a far-off, secluded place, with picturesque views and a homely feel, then this is your perfect destination! To learn more about Grogan’s Castle, send me a quick note via my Contact Form.

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Stay Inspired Always! 🙂


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Grogan Castle Hotel Review

-Lovely relaxing Ambience.
-Great variety of meals.
-They could improve on the flow of water in the bathrooms, as well as the hot showers.

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    You have a way of taking me with you to your destinations with your writing and the images.

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    Loved the Grogan Castle! Did not know it existed. Thanks for taking me on the ride! Hope to visit for a me time…


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      Irene! Welcome back! You are always welcome to come along for the ride! Thanks for reading!

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    Lovely and dope read there. This is the mAjical Kenya that tge world needs to know, thanks for sharing this and looking forward as a get away. How are their costs though? Would not mind knowing. Keep up the good job sis

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      Scrapbook Journeys
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      Thank you for reading! True indeed, we are blessed with a magical country…it is a joy to explore! I hope we can take up more local travelling as Kenyans 😀
      Yes, on costs… At the time, Grogan’s room was going for 7k per person, 14k two persons sharing, inclusive of all meals, minus extra drinks…I can get you an updated price list on Grogan, drop me a note via the Contact Form 🙂 Thanks again for reading! 😀

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    ..awesome…looooove this…its in my bucket list

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      Yaay! Great to hear!! Do visit and share your experiences 😀

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    Taveta’s best kept secret . I wish I could wake up at this location tomorrow .great article ma’

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    this is cool dear..i love also look soo cute

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    Wanjiku Thuo
    September 29, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    This was lovely ….. I remember in the first hour, I had said ‘This place is quiet ‘ more than 5 times!
    I enjoyed my stay just waking up to enjoy a beautiful view from any corner……
    ……..even staying away from civilisation

    • Reply
      Scrapbook Journeys
      October 4, 2016 at 2:07 pm

      hahahaha Yes,I remember! It was quiet indeed…I have not heard my own thoughts as clearly as then, in a long time! 😀 Thanks dear 🙂

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        Lovely and dope read there. This is the mAjical Kenya that tge world needs to know, thanks for sharing this and looking forward as a get away. How are their costs though? Would not mind knowing. Keep up the good job sis

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