7 Things To Do In Nairobi In A Day! #NairobaeIGTour


Howdy beautiful people! :D Are you looking for Things to Do in Nairobi,  that’re ultimately easy on the pocket, fun and super accessible to you? Look no further! :D


I stumbled upon a fun-looking adventure while surfing through my Twitter page. Dubbed the #NairobaeIGTour, the event was a 24 hours’ challenge/Tour of Nairobi, organized by TurnUp Travel in partnership with Bars Kenya, Routes Adventures, and Uber Kenya among others.

The squad partaking the #NairobaeIGTour, was made up of Bloggers, Photographers and Travel enthusiasts from all over the city.



Normally, I’d shy away from anything with 24-hrs & challenge in the same sentence, but this piqued my interest.

Perhaps it was the idea of working with some of the most Creative Humans of Nairobi. Or maybe it was the heart behind it: creating awareness & raising funds for the #HomelessOfNairobi… But, I was in! :D


7 Fun Things To Do In Nairobi: Part 1

I’ll share my favorite moments of the #NairobaeIGTour in a 2-part series titled: Things to Do in Nairobi.

Being part of the tour opened my eyes to how special our ‘everyday’ Nairobi is. :) Moreover, it reminded me of the beauty of ‘traveling local’…


Remember: You do not have to go far away to travel….


I feel that this is a chance to showcase the different sides to Nairobi that we might overlook… So, keep an open heart, put on your happiness goggles and let’s dive right in! :)


Sun-Chasing At Dawn on a Nairobi Skyscraper

By now, I bet you know that I’m a sucker for sun-chasing, right?? Haha, it’s undeniably one of my favorite things to do! :D

First on our #NairobaeIGTour was a Sunrise Shoot on one of Nairobi’s tallest buildings: UAP Towers, in Upper Hill at 5:30 a.m.

Such was the excitement, that we barely got a shut-eye that night, waking up as early as 4 a.m., & Magunga being the first person on site! I made it just as the sky was getting its first dose of light… :)

Although it was freezing cold, the mood on that rooftop was simply electric! A bunch of us- strangers and friends, drawn together by a love for what we do… I loved it! :D

The sun’s rays gently, yet majestically spread across the world, slowly painting the sky in hues of yellow, orange and red… My heart must’ve skipped a beat -oh that view! :)




Marion Viona taking it all in.. :)


There is something magnetic and enlightening about viewing the city from a Skyscraper… In a way, it puts things into perspective.

Watching Nairobi from that high up, affirmed that I’m part of a much bigger picture. And, I will I always treasure this memory. :)




Have you ever gone sun-chasing? I love that you can view the sun from just about anywhere… Perhaps you live in an apartment building with a rooftop, or your office offers a vantage point of the city?

One of these days, go sun-chasing for a sunrise or sunset. You will find that our city is indeed a gorgeous place. :)


A Hearty Breakfast at Nyama Mama

After about 1.5 hours in the cold, it only makes sense to go to Mama for breakfast right?

Nyama Mama


Breakfast at Nyama Mama was an answered prayer! Nyama Mama, at Delta Towers created the perfect, homely atmosphere making it feel like a ‘Madea’s reunion’! :D


Mutua Matheka on that ‘food is happiness’ vibe! :)


Nyama Mama


Here, people quickly bonded over food, making the place come alive. I was happy to meet people I admire like Bonita, of Bonita on Safari -a beautiful soul, and Shamit of Routes Adventures who is possibly the epitome of creativity! It was amazing to be among my own kind, so to speak. :D


Creativity is intelligence having fun~ Albert Einstein


Nyama Mama

Kirui, patiently waiting on his black coffee :)



Davis of Pilmax Photography directing us to the good stuff. :)


Now to the food! :D Although my mind was all over the place that morning, I do remember that the waffles were to-die-for! My sister fell in love with their muffins which she says were ‘baked to perfection’. :)

Nyama Mama

Nyama Mama



I would love to return sometime, and fully appreciate the Nyama Mama experience. Have you been to Nyama Mama before? From their delicious food variety to the joy on people’s faces that day, this is definitely a must-try! :D


The National Museum: Explore Kenya’s History

Our stomachs warm and well fed, we bundled up into Ubers in our teams of 4, organized by TurnUp Travel, and proceeded to the Nairobi National Museum, on Museum Hill.

As soon as we arrived,  people wandered off to explore what captivated their interest..



I have been to the National Museum before, but this visit felt  different. It was like a treasure hunt for things worth shooting, and opportunities to learn something new..



This time, in the company of Davis Opil, Wacera, and David Macharia, I learned to take time & notice the details…


I realized: to better appreciate where you are going, you need to know from where you have come…


Things to do in Nairobi




The museum captures many aspects of Kenya’s History, Nature & Culture…  Whether you want to learn about our origins, birds, animals, fabrics, art & design… There is something for everyone. :)

At only 300 Kshs. for entry, a visit to the Museum is an affordable way to experience Kenya’s heritage. The amount also covers entry into the Snake Park.

When was the last time you went to the Museum? It’s perfect for family outings with the kids, or your group of friends. Apparently, the Museum is open all 365 days of the year, so there is no excuse not to go!:D


A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the minds of its people~ Mahatma Gandhi




  • Look out for more on Part 2 of this 7 Things to Do in Nairobi Series.
  • Ensure you obtain a City Council permit to take pictures in the CBD, as it is not legal to take pictures without a permit.
  • Carry your National ID Card with you at all times.


P.S. Check out the ‘Best of Nairobi Series‘ for more Things to do in Nairobi.

Things to do in Nairobi


I look forward to sharing more from our #NairobaeIGTour, so do stay tuned! :D

My appreciation goes to TurnUp Travel for putting the #NairobaeIGTour together! Suffice to say, they did a wonderful job!  :D


Photography Credits:

Davis Opil (Pilmax Photography)

David Macharia (Versatile Photography)

& Marion Mithamo


Thank you for reading my dear friends! I hope you are inspired to view our city Nairobi though new eyes. There’s a lot for us to see & do, if only we give it a chance!

Did you like this post? Don’t keep it to yourself, share via the Social buttons below! I love reading from you: leave a comment/question or your input on the Comments’ section below. :)

<I leave you with ‘Stories of My City- Nairobi Love‘ an epic creation by, Mutua Matheka. >


<<Stay. Inspired. Always. >>



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    Now this is a great write up showcasing The City of Nairobi of which I have been saying its #TheCityWeAssume . walking along the streets of Nairobi is always like walking in the corridors of a museum from the ancient buildings to much more. Great work you are doing

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