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Happy Friday! 😀 Welcome back to our #DestinationLaikipia Series! Today we explore Ekorian’s Mugie Camp in Laikipia County, and its abundant treasures… So buckle up for a fun ride! 😉


Tip: If you haven’t already, Check out the first #DestinationLaikipia Post Here. And if you’re up-to-date, Cheers to you! 😀


Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures ~Lovelle Drachman



Ekorian’s Mugie Camp

Ekorian’s Mugie Camp is one of the two Lodges in Mugie Conservancy, along with Mutamaiyu House.

The Conservancy is located in Laikipia County, off the Rumuruti- Maralal Highway, and is part of the bigger Mugie Ranch that lies on 49,000 acres of land.

One of the most endearing aspects of driving to Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, and through most Conservancies in Laikipia County, is feeling like you are on a Game Drive. 🙂

We ran into this family of elephants, for instance, a short distance away from the Camp.

Ekorian's Mugie Camp


Ekorian's Mugie Camp

Say Hello! 🙂


Ekorian’s Mugie Camp felt to us, like an Oasis in the middle of a desert. 🙂

After hanging out with cows & goats in the hot sun, in Rumuruti, we were tired, hungry and dirty… The long, dusty drive to Mugie Conservancy had sure taken its toll.

Enter Ekorian’s Mugie Camp. 🙂 Well-camouflaged in the trees and vegetation, it’s like a secret haven…



The staff eagerly came out to receive us, with huge, friendly dogs hot on their heels! Being a dog person, this felt like the perfect way to begin our stay. 😀


George, possibly the best guide in Laikipia!


Donna Perrett, our lovely host welcomed us with a warm smile, and her youngest baby planted on her hip. #familythings 😀

Ekorian’s Mugie Camp is owned by Donna and Josh Perrett, a young couple who are as Kenyan as it gets!

We were treated to a much needed, cool glass of juice as Donna gave us a short briefing. I’ve probably never appreciated juice as much as I did that day! I bet the guys felt it too! 😀

Taking in the rich green, well-manicured grounds helped to wash away the fatigue.



Lively and Spacious Accommodations

Being the only lady in the group, I got to choose my room first, while the guys: Kevin, Tim and Mwarv took a photographic tour of the Camp. 🙂

They have 6 gorgeous, spacious tents that are Master en-suite, with a capacity of 14 people.

Their family room can take up to 4 people & is great for guests with kids.

I loved their creative use of African pieces and materials, giving a Kenyan feel to the decor.

Ekorian's Camp



Kevin was especially taken with the sweet smelling soaps and lotions in the washrooms, buying some to take home. 😀



Going Green: Eco-Friendly Champs!

Ekorian’s Mugie Camp is super Eco-conscious. They use solar power, except for showering water that’s boiled using firewood. Additionally, they source all their food from Nyahururu.

My favorite spot was the Eco-friendly hanging pool. I still can’t explain the ‘hanging’ part but it’s perfect to chill out & watch the animals.

Ekorians Mugie Camp

Image Source:


Our chef set up a lovely display of that famed Kenyan, 4 o’clock tea, with fresh, delectable muffins and cookies.

I remember feeling a quiet sense of calm, as the evening slowly began creeping in. 🙂



Sun-downer Vibes: Evening Game Drives

Around 6pm, we took off on an evening Game Drive with George as our guide. Having worked at Mugie since 2013, George is well-versed with Mugie and its wildlife.



Our best find was this pride of lionesses and their cubs, having a lazy sun-downer hangout.





We got another elephants’ treat…


Hugging it out… 🙂



Common animals you’re likely to spot in Mugie are: Elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, lions, zebras and rare cats like the caracal. The striped hyena is also found in these parts.

You may opt for guided walks around Mugie Conservancy or a Bush breakfast after a Morning Game drive. 🙂

P.S. Look out for more Fun Activities in Mugie Conservancy, Coming Soon, on Part 2 of this post covering Mutamaiyu House.


Intimate Family Dinners…

You know you are traveling with Photographers, when they choose to shoot Long exposure shots first, over food. 😀

Mwarv and Kevin set up their gear soon as we got back from the Game drive. And it was well worth it! 😀




Tim and I even got in some lessons from Mwarv on how to take indoor long exposures… 🙂

Ekorians Camp


Ekorians Camp


We later settled down for a splendid dinner. There’s something about food that bonds even the best of strangers! 😀

Bonding over lasagna, we sat there for hours exchanging life stories. Suffice to say, my first ever lasagna was delightful! Plus Donna’s mother’s homemade salad dressings are a must-have!  😉



Ekorian’s Mugie Camp is perfect for family and friends’ getaways. Its private and intimate settings allow time-out for bonding. 🙂

A special thanks to Donna Perrett, George and the entire Ekorian’s Mugie Camp staff for their excellent, generous hospitality.

And a huge thank you to Timothy, Kevin and Mwarv, my fellow team members who made it all the more richer! 😀


Photography Credits:

Mwangi Kirubi (Mwarv)

Kevin Ouma

Timothy Kariuki



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  • Reply
    February 19, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    the amazing but yet to be discovered Laikipia. this is a region that has so much to offer and still qualifies as a true wilderness of Kenya. how I wish people can visit and admire this hidden Gem of Kenya called Laikipia

    • Reply
      Scrapbook Journeys
      February 28, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      You said it Jeen! There’s lots of work for us to do in showcasing this very beautiful County! Many thanks for reading and for the support! 😀

  • Reply
    Stella Nguu
    February 19, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    Nice read, like always.

  • Reply
    February 19, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    This is nothing less but EPic in its own way, a promise to myself that this is definitely one of my escapedes in the near future.

    How do I book and what are the charges for the same. Thanks for sharing this gem.

  • Reply
    Enock K
    February 16, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    I love the photos and ready game to readly watch….indeed a great gate away place

  • Reply
    February 16, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    You my dear have experienced the full African Safari and I felt like I experienced part of it from the blog.
    Laikipia sounds like a plan.

    • Reply
      Scrapbook Journeys
      February 28, 2018 at 12:24 pm

      I love this! Hehe it was fun for sure.. Happy to take you along on these safaris mama. Thank you for reading 😀 😀

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    Stom al-Madusi
    February 16, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Yoooooo! 😮
    That pool!

    • Reply
      Scrapbook Journeys
      February 28, 2018 at 12:23 pm

      Haha I know eh? 😀 Too bad I can’t swim, otherwise I’d be able to tell you what it’s like. Oh well, you best plan to visit and try it out yes? 😀 Thanks for reading Stom!

      • Reply
        Stom al-Madusi
        March 1, 2018 at 3:24 pm

        You’re welcome.

        And you can’t be showing us such beautiful pools and you can’t swim yourself. At least learn how to maneuver the shallow end [or the kid’s corner] 😉

        • Reply
          Scrapbook Journeys
          March 2, 2018 at 10:02 am

          Waah! You are so right! Hebu hold me accountable I will learn how to swim this year, by all means! I do need a swim coach though, sitaki ku drown on day one….In all truth, I just need to practice and get comfortable in water. It’s possible! 😀

          • Stom al-Madusi
            March 5, 2018 at 12:47 pm

            Hallelujah! 😀
            You will meet thy coach

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