A Quick Laikipia Travel Guide on a Budget!

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Laikipia Travel Guide

Are you craving a quick getaway, but the money feels somewhat elusive? Well, I’ve put together this budget Laikipia Travel Guide with you in mind! 😀


I enjoy compiling Travel guides because they are timeless. So even if you aren’t planning your trip right away, bookmark this Laikipia Travel Guide… For you just never know when it will come in handy! 😉


Laikipia Travel Guide: What to Consider Before You Go

As you might know from our previous posts, Laikipia County is vast! With your destination in mind, you can choose to approach it either from Nyahururu or via the Nanyuki Route…

And having tried both routes I can promise you some amazingly scenic views on the way!

Laikipia Travel Guide

Our Laikipia Travel Guide will focus on budget options with travel tips, when touring this magnificent County.


How to Get Around Laikipia?

1. Get a Map!

Honestly, this Laikipia Travel Guide would be inadequate without emphasizing the need for a map.

From the number of times we felt lost while exploring Laikipia, having a map was a wild source of comfort. 🙂

Particularly, if you intend to venture into the interior parts of Laikipia, a map might be your saving grace. So make a stop at the Travel Shoppe in Nanyuki Town for a Laikipia County map.

Laikipia Travel Guide


Travel Tips>>
  • Also download the offline Google Maps on your phone just in case.
  • Pass by Cedar Mall in Nanyuki for basic supplies like food and water. You’re unlikely to find any major shops after you leave the town.
  • Carry meds for eventualities like food poisoning or headaches.


2. Buy Yourself a Mulika Mwizi or Kabambe Phone

For my non-Kenyan readers, a Mulika Mwizi or Kabambe is our version of a low-end basic phone, without a smartphone operating system, like Android or iOS.

A ‘Kabambe’ will prove to be one of your best assets while exploring the remotest parts of Laikipia County. 🙂

The farther you go, the ‘less-connected’ you become, with limited to no phone signals, except with a Kabambe.

Most locals in the remote areas prefer Kabambes because they maintain good signal reception, while Smart phones will prove useless.



3. A 4-Wheel Drive Car Is Must!

I know I promised you a budget post, but on this we can’t compromise… 🙂

Beyond the larger towns and off the highways, most Laikipia roads are not tarmacked… To traverse this beautiful county, you will need a proper 4-Wheel Drive vehicle.



We learned this lesson rather sharply… While going to check out Ol Tukai Gorge in Makena’s Hills, we got stuck because the road was too rocky.

Mwarv and the guys literally had to muscle the vehicle up a hill, which was no easy task!


Travel Tips>>
  • If you are prone to back pain, you might want to carry a back brace for support.
  • Ensure you’re driving on a full tank, and always bring a spare tire. 🙂


Where to Stay? Take A Step Back in Time…

Laikipia has an abundance of hotels that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time… And while some could do with updates and refurbishing, it’s still quite the interesting experience. 🙂


Thomson Falls Lodge

A short distance away from Nyahururu town, Thomson Falls Lodge is a family-owned hotel that’s been around since the colonial times.

Thomson Falls Lodge gives off that old, country feeling, with the sweet smell of nature hanging lazily in the air. And with the calming sound of the waterfall nearby, you’ll be entranced. 🙂



Sitting on 10 acres of lush, green land, they have 36 rooms and vintage-style cottages to choose from.

>>It costs about Kes. 9,000 on bed and breakfast.



Hopefully with their planned upgrades, the rooms will feel cozier and warmer, especially with the sharp, cold Nyahururu weather.


Old House

The original Old house was built in the 1940’s as a Colonial Guest house. However when the main house burned down, the owner sold it off to the Gachae Family.



At first they maintained it as a family home, but they later converted it into a hotel. With a recent modern apartment complex and six, self-catering 3-bedroom Villas, they have a variety of rooms to choose from.

My only let-down with Old House is that they’ve not totally maintained that ancient feel that its name suggests. It is however quite popular with both locals and foreigners.


>> Standard room ranges between Kes. 4,000, to Kes. 6,000 sharing, and about Kes. 15,000 for the villa.


Dine, Bed and Dash Options…

These days, I know most people would easily choose Airbnb over a Bed & Breakfast place…

But sometimes you simply want to skip the logistics, find a place to lay your head, with the promise of a good, healthy breakfast the next day. So here goes… 😉


Beisa Hotel

I once stayed at Beisa hotel while passing through Nanyuki on our way to Isiolo.

Located off the Nyeri-Nanyuki Highway, Beisa is an easily accessible and affordable option.



It’s your basic Bed and Breakfast, but they’ve done well to make it clean and comfortable for a quick stop.

>>They have a variety of rooms: Standard, Twin and Executive rooms, ranging from Kes. 5,000 to Kes. 8,000 on Bed and Breakfast.



The Stables at Ol Pejeta

We spent one night at The Stables, which is located within Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

It’s a good option if you wish to explore the beauty of Ol Pejeta Conservancy on a budget.



Initially a Research Center, they now have 14 basic guestrooms and a few more of their rooms are fashioned like round-thatched huts.

They have common, shared bathrooms and meals are served only at specific times, at their outside dining area.

I think they were shooting for a hostels kind of set-up which is quite popular with backpackers.



>> It costs about Kes. 4,600 per night, with all meals included.

>>The Stables operate on limited generator power, so carry your power bank and charge devices in advance.


Budget Travel Tips:
  • Bring your camping gear, as some places will have designated camping sites that are cheaper within the Conservancies.
  • Carry insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Find out in advance what Conservancy fees are applicable, and if they are included in your overall rates.
  • Look out for Part 2 of this Laikipia Travel Guide on the Fun Things To Do In Laikipia. 😀
Photography Credits:

Mwangi Kirubi (Mwarv)

Trevor (the_mentalyst)

Josh Kisamwa

& Marion Mithamo

Many thanks for reading! I hope you found our Laikipia Travel Guide useful! 😀

Do you have any tips to share? Feel free to leave a comment down below with your inputs, feedback or questions! I love hearing from you, and will be certain to respond!


P.S. Sharing is caring, share this post with your people! 😉


<<Stay. Inspired. Always>>




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