Jambojet in Rwanda Review+ 4 Fun Things to Do in Kigali!

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Jambojet in Rwanda

Ahoy there! πŸ˜€ Are you curious about the new Jambojet in Rwanda flights?

Well, stick around because in this post I share my recent Jambojet in Rwanda experience, plus 4 reasons why Kigali should definitely be on your bucket-list!


About two weeks ago, I received an invite to experience the new Jambojet in Rwanda flight.

I was ecstatic to go, because Rwanda won my heart over, about 3 years ago…Β  It’s one of the few countries that feel like home, away from home. Also, Jambojet is now one of my favourite Airlines in Kenya, hence mine was an easy yes! πŸ˜€


The Jambojet In Rwanda Experience…

On D-day, I made sure to get to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport super early! The Jambojet in Rwanda flight from Nairobi departs at 2:35p.m. and flies back at 4p.m. daily.

Being an afternoon flight, there’s hardly any rush at the Airport, so you can go through check-in without feeling pressured.



Since I was quite early, I didn’t check-in online this time round. I made my way to the Jambojet Counter, where they checked me in, after sorting out a small luggage issue.

My run through Immigration and the safety checks went smoothly. Soon enough, I was making my way to Gate 5, where the Jambojet in Rwanda flight was to board.

My travel companions, Winnie Rioba, Irene Wachira, Nicholas Kibet and Noah Kipkemboi arrived right in time for boarding. It promised to be a fun weekend!


Travel Tips:
  • Check-in your bags online, as it costs half the amount it would cost at the counter.
  • If your luggage is above 10kg you’ll need to check it in.
  • Be sure to arrive early as Gate 5 is quite a walk through the Airport.
  • Change your money to Rwandan Francs in advance.
  • Purchase an Airtel line with East African data bundles, because roaming charges can be quite hefty.
  • Jambojet has a promotional fare of Kes. 11,240/-


A Familiar Yet Proud Moment…

De Havilland Dash 8-400, dubbed ‘Zuru Kenya’ stood in all it’s glory, awaiting to ferry us across the border, to the land of a thousand hills.

Jambojet in Rwanda


In that moment, I felt like a proud ‘Kenyan Mum’… At only 5, Jambojet is the first low-cost flight carrier to ply the Kigali-Nairobi route and runs the youngest fleet in Africa! πŸ™‚


It feels like watching a kid you used to know, all grown up and taking on bigger challenges and territories… What a proud moment!


I can’t quite explain it, but it felt very warm and familiar on the plane. The Jambojet flight attendants were friendly as they made sure everyone was buckled in, and luggage safely stowed away.


It was a smooth flight and before we knew it, we’d landed at Kigali International Airport.


Enter Kigali, Rwanda…

Kigali International Airport is small, but they are very organized, and the procedures move along like clockwork. Plus, being part of the East African Community, Kenyans don’t need a visa to go to Rwanda, and vice versa.




The moment we walked out of the Airport, I felt yet another sense of wild familiarity… Kigali’s beauty will hit you like lightning on a sunny day!

The drive to our hotel held a mixture of emotions for me… On one hand I felt my love for Rwanda gently re-ignited by the views around us…

And on the other hand, it gave me anxiety because they drive on the wrong side! πŸ˜€ Well, at least it seems like the wrong side because the driver’s seat is on the left, and they keep right?!

It was a relief when we arrived at Hotel Villa Portofino without incident! πŸ˜€

After grabbing a quick lunch and freshening up, we went out to the Jambojet Gala, happening at the Kigali Serena Hotel.

We arrived on time to catch Jambojet’s CEO, Allan Kilavuka’s interview with a renown Rwandan Journalist.



Magunga, Winnie, Irene and I at the Gala πŸ™‚



I was impressed to learn that in its 5 years of operations, Jambojet has provided 3 million+ passengers with access to affordable flights! Quite the achievement, ay? πŸ˜€

The rest of the evening was relaxed, spent enjoying Rwanda’s lively night scene.


4 Fun Things To Do In Kigali, Rwanda


Get in some relaxation with a view…

The next day, we had a quiet morning because the city was ‘shut down’ for Umuganda.

If you’ve ever wondered why Rwanda is so clean, this is why…

Umuganda is a Rwandan ‘tradition’ where every last Saturday of the month, the citizens dedicate time to cleaning their country. During Umuganda, all businesses are shut down and you can choose to either take part or stay home.

I enjoyed breakfast from my room, with lovely views of Kigali…




Leisurely Drive to Lake Muhazi

The drive to Lake Muhazi is a treat so delicious you will hardly believe it! πŸ™‚

Being about an hour’s drive from Kigali, Lake Muhazi is the perfect escape from the city, if you’re not looking to go far out.

The lake is gorgeous, enclosed in a fort of hilly terrain and green farms that make for the most scenic views!



We took a boat to the Kingfish Beach Hotel, and it cost about 1,000 Francs (1USD) both ways.

Kingfish Beach hotel is located at the edge of the lake, and here you also get to enjoy good food and upbeat music… The meals typically cost between 1,000 Francs and 12,000 Francs (1-12USD).



It gets quite busy on the weekends, and the service is slow but the experience is certainly worth it!


Try Akabenz at Come Again Restaurant

The following day, Winnie and I were eager to try some local delicacies. So as the rest went shopping, we went restaurant-hopping! πŸ˜€ Winnie’s friend Elrick came along as our guide on this mission!

Our first stop was Come Again Restaurant, a place that’s famous for a dish called Akabenz.

Apparently, Akabenz was named after the Mercedes Benz, and it consists of pork fried in sweet sauce.




We ordered two portions, accompanied with fried bananas and roast potatoes. The two servings cost us about 6,500 Francs. (7USD)

Come Again would be a nice place to chill, especially on a sunny day.


Indulge In Sombe With Killer Views At Pili Pili Restaurant.

Our next stop was Pili Pili restaurant, a cozy place at the very top of a hill. It has a cozy ambiance, with a black and white theme.

With its swimming pool and kids’ play area, Pili Pili would be a nice family hangout joint.




Here, we ordered the Fish Brochette with chips, and the traditional Sombe accompanied by rice.

I especially enjoyed the fish brochette, which is like what we call Mshikaki. The fish was rich with flavor and evenly seasoned.



Pili Pili also gets quite busy, particularly on Sunday evenings when they bring over a DJ.



Other things to do in Kigali…
Sample Kigali Nightlife…

Although Kigali is pretty much laid-back, it does have an active night-scene. Riders Lounge is popular with both Rwandans and foreigners looking to have a fun night out.

>>For family and friends’ hangouts, Mamba Bowling Alley would be an ideal choice.


Tip>> Check out my Post on Inema Art Gallery for the art lovers. Also check out my Quick Rwanda Travel Guide Here.


Our Jambojet In Rwanda Flight Home

I must say I really enjoyed our flight home, thanks to the Flight Attendants, Michael and Tess. I found their warm, outgoing spirits quite infectious, making us feel right at home!



Flying over Lake Victoria with the setting sun in the horizon was the perfect way to end an adventure-filled trip! πŸ™‚



Many, many thanks to Jambojet for according us a truly memorable Jambojet In Rwanda experience!

I’d certainly recommend you try this affordable, home-grown flight option to Rwanda, as you book your next holiday or business trip! #SupportLocal πŸ™‚


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you been to Kigali? Any tips to share?

I would love to hear from you, with your questions and/or feedback! Leave a comment down below! πŸ˜‰



<<Stay. Inspired. Always>>





<<Stay. Inspired. Always. >>

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    Been to Rwanda 3 times but with your insights on this trip has made me feel i have not been Rwanda before.
    Need a re-visit soon And of course i know where am visiting this time round.

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    Rwanda is such a Beautiful country looking forward to visit one day thanx Marx for this, beautiful pics as well

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    Rwanda shall always have a place in my heart. Beautiful home.

    Have stayed at Hotel Portofino before, it was amazing stay until we had a bad experience a day before departure. Oh and you were 5minutes from kina Patrick and mercyline Imagine that!

    Keep flying Mamaa….

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      So much to respond to in this comment Sue! Lol
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