Top 14 Things To Do In Lusaka, Zambia!

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Things to do in Lusaka

Hello there! :D Are you ready to explore the southern city of Lusaka? As promised, here’s part 2 of our Zambia Travel Guide, featuring all the Top Things To Do In Lusaka!


Top 14 Fun Things To Do In Lusaka, Zambia!

There’s a charm about Lusaka that’s sure to leave you yearning for more…

Honestly, our time in Lusaka felt short but I guess that’s what happens when you are having a ball, isn’t it…? :D

And while we couldn’t ‘do it all’, we had an amazing time exploring some of the things to do in Lusaka and its people…


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Experience Nature & Wildlife!

Go On a Day Trip To Lilayi Lodge

If you are craving a short trip out of the city, then Lilayi Lodge is your best bet! Lilayi Lodge is located South of Lusaka, off Kafue Road, about a 30 minutes’ drive out.

When our friends Tendai and Maggie Shih suggested a visit to Lilayi, I couldn’t have been more excited! Leaving Lusaka at around 11 am, we barely experienced any traffic.

And after getting a little lost, then set back on track by a good Samaritan, we soon found ourselves at Lilayi. The short drive from the gate to Lilayi Lodge gives off that sweet, calming forest feeling… :)



The Lodge features a swimming pool, a beautiful indoor and terrace restaurant, with vast fields and forest as the backdrop.

Dark clouds were hovering in the sky, so we opted to go for a nature walk first and dine later.

Things_to_do_in_LusakaThings_to_do_in_Lusaka Things_to_do_in_Lusaka


I loved how the fields were a beautiful shade of yellow, mildly dotted with contrastingly green trees.



We spotted a few animals, but they pranced off shyly, soon as we caught their attention.

Our leisurely walk was cut short when the rains came pouring down, causing us to jog back to the Lodge for lunch… It was refreshing to say the least! :D

I couldn’t resist ordering the Pork ribs accompanied with fries, while Maggie and Tendai went vegetarian. The food was delectable, and I’d recommend the ribs for sure! :)




We spent the rest of our afternoon chatting and nearly dozing off to the calming sights and sounds of Lilayi. :)


Travel Tips>>
  • Other activities at Lilayi include: Game Drive and bird watching.
  • Carry your swim suit as they allow swimming for day guests as well.
  • The meals cost between 10 USD to 15 USD.


Visit the Elephant Nursery

The Elephant Nursery, located at Lilayi Lodge, was opened in 2012 to take in and rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants.

It’s run by Lilayi Lodge in partnership with Game Rangers International and the Dept. of National Parks and Wildlife, Zambia.


Hello Sunburn! :)


>>The centre is open for visits daily, between 1130 hrs and 1300hrs.

>>The visit to the Elephant orphanage costs 50 Kwacha (about 3.5 USD).

It’s a great option if you’re interested in learning more about the Ellies and supporting the program.


Fun Fact: The 2019 Netflix Movie: Holiday In The Wild was filmed and centered around the Elephant Orphanage in Lilayi.


Visit Chaminuka Game Reserve

Chaminuka Game Reserve is located about 25Km away from Lusaka, and is popular for its rich wildlife experiences!

You can look forward to about 70 species of animals and 300 bird species, with Cheetahs being a main attraction.

There’s the option of going for a Game drive, a nature walk or a boat tour on the lake. And like at Lilayi, you can have lunch at their restaurant as well.



Eat Your Way Through Lusaka!

One of my favourite things to do in Lusaka, and any place I travel to, is sampling the foods!

Granted, on this trip I may have left my appetite at home but Lusaka has many amazing food offerings!


You have to taste a culture to understand it~ anonymous


Get A Taste of Zambia at Twapandula!

Twapandula is a word from the Mbundu language in Zambia that means- ‘We give thanks‘. If you’d love a taste of Zambia, then Twapandula is a must-visit!

Neema and I got to visit Twapandula one afternoon, thanks to our friends Tendai and Twaambo.

The foods are laid out in a buffet kind of setting, with a variety of options to choose from.

I can hardly ever resist ugali, so I went with Nshima, spinach and bream. Nshima is like a softer version of our Kenyan ugali (cornmeal), while bream is a kind of fish that’s prepared in different ways, to your liking…

Neema was more adventurous trying out the Impwa, also called the African eggplants.



We also had a taste of Twaambo’s pig trotters (pig’s feet), and I must say- it’s a meal for the brave!

Truthfully, I’d already fallen in love with Nshima before, having tasted it at our friend Jane Malea’s house. However, our biggest surprise was the traditional Nshima made from roller meal, (maize meal that hasn’t been finely processed).

It was quite tasty, and paired very well with the bream and spinach.


Grab a Cup Of Special Tea At Vida E Caffè!

Vida E Caffè is the perfect stop for a coffee date, or if you’d like to catch up with some work in a lively setting.

I loved their uplifting red theme, as well as their staff’s energy. Whenever a new customer comes in, they chant something putting a surprised smile on your face! :)

Things_to_do_in_LusakaVida_E_Caffe_LusakaThings to do in Lusaka


On the menu at Vida E Caffè, you can find refreshing teas and coffee, sandwiches, wraps, salads and freshly baked cakes. It’s here that I first got my liking for Zambia’s Rooibos tea!



P.S. They close promptly at 8pm, so it’s wise to visit early.

>>Their meals cost between 1 USD to 4 USD


Delight Your Senses At  Gigibontà

With the burning sun in Lusaka, ice cream at Gigibontà is always a good idea! :D

Of Italian descent, Gigibontà has about 26 flavors of ice cream on its menu. I can still remember my sugar-rush kind of high, after tasting their gelato! Simply delightful!


Not taken at Gigibonta..


And the beauty of dining at Gigibontà is that you’ll be supporting a good cause. The proceeds from Gigibontà go towards supporting Cicetekelo Youth Project for street children.

>>Ice cream at Gigibontà costs between 1USD to 4USD. They have over 5 outlets spread around Lusaka, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!


Wind Down With Dinner at Eataly Pizzeria.

One of my favourite memories of Zambia, is having dinner at Eataly, an Italian restaurant in Lusaka.

The Pizzeria has an easy, laid back ambiance with an intimate feel to it. They have an open restaurant with gazebos set around a garden and a small fountain.

Following our friend Henry’s recommendation, we chose to order a pizza and chicken with dressing. And you can bet on it, because they did not disappoint! :D



We’d have loved to stay longer, but like most places in Lusaka, they close quite early. Eataly would be an excellent choice to treat yourself to a nice, fancy dinner. :)


Other Amazing Places To Eat!

>>You haven’t been to Lusaka if you don’t stop by Hungry Lion for their memorable chicken and burgers!

>> Panarottis is the place to go with your family and friends for a good pasta or a large Italian style pizza experience!


Explore The Arts & Culture Of Lusaka

If you are into the Arts & culture, then you’ll want to add these places to your list of things to do in Lusaka:-

>>Kabwata Cultural Village: Apparently the resident artists hail from all the provinces of Zambia. Hence, you’ll experience the true feel of Zambia’s traditions & culture.

>>Check out the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre for a showcase of African art pieces.

>>Namwana Art Gallery: Hosts pieces by prominent Zambian artists

>>Visit the Lusaka National Museum

>>Lusaka Play House is a popular stop to watch local performances and shows (musicals, comedy and drama).



Bonus: Take a time out & go to the Movies! :)


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post with ideas of things to do in Lusaka! Do you have a question or input?

I’d love to hear from you, do leave your comment/questions down below!


<<Stay. Inspired. Always>>




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