5 Easy Ways to Combine Work with Travel!

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Combine Work With Travel

Howdy! 😀 Are you looking for ways to combine work with travel? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post I share 5 easy ways to make your travel dreams come true, while still getting paid to do it!

A lot has changed in the past year or so (including how we travel), thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has also served to show us that nothing in life is guaranteed & just how important it is to live in the present moment…

For most people, travel is something that’s saved for retirement or ‘when there’s money’. Borrowing from the couple on our last Blog post featuring Throttle Adventures’ Story, the time to live out our dreams is now, so Just Do It!

If your dream is traveling the world, I hope that this post will take you one step closer to achieving it… Happy reading! 😀

5 Easy Ways To Combine Work With Travel!

Plan Holidays Around Your Work Trips! 

One way to combine work with travel on a budget is to plan for holidays around your work trips. This works especially well if your job involves some level of traveling. 

Say you are going for a work-related, out-of-town meeting in a different city, you can plan to take some additional leave days after your trip. Since your job is already paying for your travel expenses, this takes away your transport costs.

Source: Kevin Schmid, Unsplash

Take some extra days to explore your destination and request to postpone your return dates. You may have a work trip to a town like Meru, Kakamega or Rusinga… If you take some time to look around, you’ll discover that each place has some unique offerings.

My friend recently went on a work trip to the Coast, and took his entire family along… After the work-part of the trip was over, they went on a fun road-trip adventure, making memories that will last them a lifetime!. 🙂

Combine Work With Travel

So the next time you travel for a meeting or client visit in a different town/city, extend you trip and make a holiday of it! 😀

Find a Travel-Intensive Job

If you enjoy traveling more often than ‘once in a while’, how about pursuing a career in the travel industry?

Some jobs involve traveling around the world and you may find that you already have the skills to do them… 

If you are a teacher for example, you can take up English Teaching jobs abroad. Some countries are always looking for people to teach English as a foreign language.

With your teaching experience and a good grasp of their national language, like Chinese or Spanish, you will be a score above the rest. You would also require a TESL/TEFL Certification with an internationally accredited board, which then opens you up to numerous opportunities around the world.  

Combine Work With Travel
Source: Arnel Hasanovic, Unsplash

Some other travel-intensive careers include: 

  • Travel Agents
  • Au Pair
  • Tour guides
  • Hospitality (hotel staff, event organisers etc.)
  • Travel blogging/ Vlogging
  • Flight Attendants

P.S. Although travel has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, you can use this time to prepare for when the industry fully recovers. It might be the time to start that Blog or take a foreign language course. 😀

Source: Yeray Sanchez, Unsplash
Combine Work With Travel
Source: Lauren Mancke, Unsplash

Target International Organisations

Some organisations like the UN, Oxfam International or the World Health Organisation are ideal for people looking to combine work with travel.

Such organisations have offices in different parts of the world, and you can always apply for openings in your country of choice. With a quick online search, you can find international organisations with job openings.

This might require you to move countries or cities, hence it’s quite the commitment. However, the returns might be worth it in the end! You get to live as an expatriate, earn in foreign currency while also getting the opportunity to travel & discover new cultures. 🙂

Source: Christine Roy, Unsplash

Get A Remote Job

If there’s one thing the Covid-19 Pandemic has shown us, it’s that you don’t need to work in a physical office to get the job done…

This is a good thing because you can now work from anywhere in the world, and not risk losing your current job. Furthermore, if your job doesn’t allow remote work, there are more companies out there adapting the remote model. 

Source: Kevin Bhagat, Unsplash
Combine Work With Travel
Source: Ishan Seefromthesky, Unsplash

Here is a list of some remote-friendly occupations: –

  • Social Media Manager
  • Translator
  • Tutor
  • Marketing
  • Talent Scouts (HR)
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Journalist
  • Customer Support
  • Web developer
  • Freelance jobs graphic design, Copy Writing, Academic Writing etc.

You can check out this website or go here for some remote opportunities.

P.S. don’t quit your day job just yet (unless that’s part of your grand plan)… Give yourself time for trial and error to see what’s your fit, before diving in fully.

Volunteer Your Expertise Abroad

Okay, don’t panic… I know volunteering doesn’t exactly fit into the ‘combine work with travel’ category, if you are looking to get paid while at it. However, volunteering abroad can open you up to opportunities that you would not otherwise get if you stayed home. 

There are many organisations that now accept volunteers from different countries to aid in exchange of skills, and cultural integration in their local communities. Plus, by volunteering you would be doing some good in the world. 🙂  

Source: Shelley Pauls-, Unsplash

P.S. Be cautious of scam/briefcase organisations that are not verified, and looking to exploit people looking for volunteer abroad opportunities.

These days, most programs charge a registration fee, so it helps to first verify how legitimate they are.

If you check online, you’ll find some volunteer programs that do provide room and board, provided you have some transferrable skills like teaching, construction or tech. A lot of westerners come to Africa on volunteer programs, so who’s to say that you can’t do it?

Plus with a ‘volunteer abroad work experience’ on your resume, you’ll have better prospects of landing that international job. 😉 


These are but a few ideas of how you can combine work with travel… The possibilities are endless! Keep looking until you find your perfect fit! 😀

Combine Work With Travel
Source: Marko Kelecevic, Unsplash

Thank you for reading!! 😀 I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found some ideas on how to combine work with travel!

I would love to hear back from you… Leave a comment down below with your questions/inputs and or feedback.

See you on the next one…

<< Stay. Inspired. Always. >>

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    Thank you Marion! Those are very helpful tips! And I really enjoyed reading it

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    Its so cool to have the opportunity to work and play (as some call it ), one just needs to think differently!

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    Great insights there and reminds me that I have dome that before. First time I went to malindi 2012, I extended after a work trip, last year 2020, went to spot the dolphins at Wasini, Hell’s Kitchen Marafa and Mambrui sand dunes in malindi and Bike riding at Hells gate all after a work trip. Am glad been practicing that and will keep doing so. See you in my next extension trip

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      Scrapbook Journeys
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      Yes you are an inspiration when it comes to living life with a big spoon!! I admire how you go all out! Thank you for reading!

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