The Majlis Resort: Lamu’s Best Open Secret!

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The Majlis Resort

Howdy! 😀 Are you craving an enchanting getaway this upcoming holiday season? Well, the Majlis Resort is the perfect place to visit and unwind in Lamu!

Come along as we explore this fantastic destination, on the final part of our Jambojet in Lamu series…

Of The Places We Never Wish to Leave… 

It’s our last day at the Majlis Resort. I am seated at their main restaurant by myself, savoring the last of our moments… My last meal, my last conversations with their kind waiting staff, who’ve served and made us feel most at home. I’ve come to really like it here.

I would rather stay, than leave. 🙂

From where I’m seated, I can see the ocean doing what it does best… Waves rolling in & out, in that calming yet unending motion. Small boats – or dhows maybe- weave in & out of my line of view, every so often.

This is Lamu. The Lamu I have come to fall in love with.

The Majlis Resort

Wistfully, I take a mental picture; because I am sentimental like that. 

“I will be back,” I think to myself. 🙂 

But for now, let me take you back to the beginning…

A Little Backstory…

The first time I saw the Majlis Resort was probably on Instagram, about 3-4 years ago. I saw it again when Biko Zulu posted a picture, accompanied by one of his intriguing captions. This place, one of Lamu’s most exclusive boutique hotels, gently tugged at my heartstrings… I really wanted to visit!

Since then, I’ve nurtured the dream of staying at the Majlis Resort. It did seem like a farfetched dream at the time, to be honest.

But as you might know, dreams tend to be stubborn. And God has a beautiful way of surprising us! 🙂

Fast forward to 15th September 2021, when we landed at Lamu Airport, courtesy of Jambojet as they re-launched their Lamu flights.


A good chunk of our morning was spent at Lamu Airport for the launch. Then came time for us to head to our hotels. My excitement was nearly palpable, when I learned that we’d be staying at the Majlis Resort! 😀

Some of our team members were staying at other establishments in Lamu. The rest of the Majlis Crew included: Abu Mburu, Joy Kendi, Kimanzi and Vinnie O.

Our host, Alejandra Wolf, came over and introduced herself. There’s something kind about the woman, and I immediately grew a liking to her.

Like little kids with their mother, we scurried along from the airport to the Lamu docks, where it was a flurry of activity. The boat operators looked energised as they beckoned us over, probably grateful to see visitors and for the business.

Alejandra had a boat waiting for us. Soon enough, we were onboard with our heavy bags, and our speedboat speedily ushered us to the resort! 

See, that’s the beauty of Lamu: ‘traffic’ is the one mystery you’ll never have to solve! 😀

Enter The Majlis Resort…

The Majlis Resort is the kind of place that you inhale in bits… There’s a sandy walkway leading into the resort, lined with palm trees, giving off paradise island vibes. At this point, it makes sense to take off your shoes; a sign that the vacation has began! 🙂

We were taken into the lounge area, which overlooks an inviting swimming pool, with its turquoise blue water glimmering in the sun. 


They served a cool welcome drink, as we were taken through a quick briefing for our stay. 

And I noticed early on, that their staff wore masks and they are sticklers for complying with Covid regulations. This was a welcome observation, on my part. 🙂

Of Remarkable Accommodations! 

As we were taken to our rooms, I noticed how lovely the grounds are, with an abundance of different trees’ species and lush, blossoming flower bushes allowing subtle pops of colour! 

Being a beachfront resort, you get to catch delightful glimpses of the ocean and Lamu town in the distance. 


However, nothing could have prepared me for the room experience! I had the privilege of staying at one of their suites for two nights, and their honeymoon suite for one night. Sublime! 😀


Honestly, each of the suites is beautiful and special in its own way… Walking in, the cooling effect of the AC feels like an oasis escape from the sweltering Lamu heat.

The Majlis Resort

Their suites are tastefully furnished with a king-size bed with roll-down netting, sufficient closet space, an en-suite bathroom, huge windows and a verandah with a view.

The Royal Suite…

And then there’s the shower… You know those round-head showers, generous with water and at just the right temperature? Simply glorious!!

Furthermore, the walls are adorned with art pieces showcasing our dynamic African culture and beauty.


You’ll feel like you are living ‘a day in the life of the royals.’ 🙂

Quick Facts:
  • The resort is ideal for both solo travellers or family/group travellers.
  • They have 3 beachfront villas, which all house a total of 39 lavish deluxe rooms and suites.
  • The Majlis Resort would be a perfect choice for a honeymoon destination!
  • Check their website for their special honeymoon offers.
  • Their rooms range from: Deluxe Garden at Kshs. 18,000/-per person (180USD); Deluxe Sea View at Kshs. 25,000/- pp (250USD); to Kshs. 140,000/- (140USD) per room, for the Royal Suite.

Awesome Things To Do At The Majlis Resort

Some of my favourite moments at the Majlis Resort were spent doing yoga, by myself in the early mornings. During our visit, the days in Lamu were longer… So you get at least 2-3 hours of beautiful weather before and after the sunrise, just before it gets hot.

Yoga on the beach is particularly calming with the ocean’s allaying sounds. 🙂 I like that their stretch of the beach doesn’t get crowded. Hence, it feels safe & private whether it’s 5:30am or 6pm.


With two swimming pools strategically placed next to the villas, you can spend your afternoons cooling off in the water.

And if adrenaline-high water sports is more up your speed, you’re covered too! They offer thrilling activities like tubing at Kshs. 5,500/- per person (55USD).


One afternoon, the Majlis hosted our entire party for lunch at their beautiful sunset bar. With the sun-rays spilling through the roof and the ocean for our view, it was all too perfect!

They’d prepared a variety of delectable bitings, catering to both vegan and meat lovers. And like all of Majlis meals, the food did not disappoint! 🙂


I especially enjoyed my mock-tail. Being a teetotaller, finding a good mock-tail is always a feat in itself!

The Majlis Resort

Whenever you want to venture out, the Majlis can organize a Sunset dhow ride around the Lamu channel. It’s such a divine experience!

Looking back now, I know that my love for Lamu is strongly tied to our experiences at the Majlis Resort. It was all worth the dream, and worth the wait. 🙂

The Majlis Resort
Source: Capital Lifestyle
Quick Travel Tips:
  • When you go, try their French toast, pancakes and chicken curry! Oh so scrumptious!
  • Take time to befriend & chat up their staff. They’re quite friendly and will make you feel right at home.
  • The sunset dhow costs Kshs. 8,000 (80USD) for up to 6 people. If higher than 6, it costs Kshs.1,000/- extra per person.
  • A one-way Jambojet ticket from NBO-LAU costs Kshs. 7,100/- (71USD), while a return ticket costs 14,200/- (142USD).
  • Check out our ‘Top 10 Things To Do In Lamu‘ blog HERE.


Many thanks to our delightful hosts at the Majlis Resort and Jambojet for making this trip possible, and memorable!

Photography Credits

Abu Mburu

Travel With Eliud


Marion Mithamo

Thank you for sticking around for our entire Jambojet in Lamu series! 😀 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the Majlis Resort!

I would love to hear back from you! Share your feedback, questions and inputs on the comments’ section, down below! And I’ll be certain to respond!

See you on the next one!

<< Stay. Inspired. Always. >>

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