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Hi There!! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by Scrapbook Journeys, my travel and lifestyle blog!

My name is Marion Mithamo, and travel has found its way to the top of my bucket list for life! I get such a rush from going on random trips and planned journeys!

Scrapbook Journeys is my online scrapbook…capturing a love for writing and travel.

My mission is to find hidden gems that we might overlook daily, and to explore places in Kenya and beyond. The intrinsic beauty of Kenya is too special not to share!

If you like discovering new joints plus things to do- near and far, and having a good laugh at life while at it, you are in the right place! I invite you to stay on this journey with me- bad hair days and all! 😀

In the Lifestyle section, I will share some interesting titbits and inspiration, on keeping fit that we can learn from the Yoga journey. In 2015, I started practicing Yoga after suffering from back pain for about a year. It is an ongoing journey, yet so rewarding! I hope you will get inspired to give it a shot!

And occasionally, you can expect some delightful recipes…I will feature different people who love cooking up a storm in the kitchen! You will benefit from tips while getting your appetite well enticed 😉 😉

My hope for this blog is to inspire you to live out your dreams of travel by starting where you are, and to live out the best version of  yourself 🙂

Scrapbook Journeys

I keep an open heart and look forward to an amazing journey.

Happy Reading!

Photography: Wanjiku Thuo & Wacu Wamahiu

Make Up: Wacu Wamahiu

Creative Direction: Mercy Mithamo