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7 Quick Tips For Mindful Travel In 2021!

Travel, Travel Tips

Is it safe for you to travel in 2021? This is probably one of the most prevailing questions on people’s minds, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic… In this post, I am going to share mindful travel tips and what to expect when you go.…

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The Jambojet In Eldoret Experience!

Jambojet in Eldoret

Howdy! 😀 Are you curious about traveling to Eldoret? Well, in this 2-part series of our Jambojet in Eldoret Experience , I am going to share with you what to expect when you go, plus fun ideas of things to do on a budget!  …

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Meet Rakesh Young: The Baiskeli Adventures Genius!


Hi there! 😀 Welcome back to another edition of the Traveler’s Chair! Gracing our chair today is Rakesh Young, the man behind the genius idea: Baiskeli Adventures! I hope you came with your heart open & ready to get a healthy dose of inspiration…  …

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