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Meet Rakesh Young: The Baiskeli Adventures Genius!


Hi there! 😀 Welcome back to another edition of the Traveler’s Chair! Gracing our chair today is Rakesh Young, the man behind the genius idea: Baiskeli Adventures! I hope you came with your heart open & ready to get a healthy dose of inspiration…  …

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The Traveler’s Chair: Meet Farhana Oberson!


Welcome back to a new edition of the Traveler’s Chair my friends! And this time, featuring one of Kenya’s Top Travel Vloggers: Farhana Oberson! 😀 With 13 countries under her belt, Farhana’s travel vlogs would easily make you forget your bank account status and book the next flight out!  😉  …

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Adventures of Sassy Funke: The Nigerian Travel Vlogger!

Travel, Travel Tips

Are you looking for a serious dose of wanderlust and travel inspiration? Excellent! Welcome back to The Traveler’s Chair! This month’s edition features Nigerian Travel Vlogger, Sassy Funke! 😀 With over 35 countries under her belt, she’s making the world her oyster- one destination at a time…  …

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